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Past Participant Reviews

Our team appreciates your feedback and strives to improve each year!

"This course gave me the confidence to tackle those last long sections past Pelly Farm.
What I liked about this course was the fact that the instructors had many MYAU finishes. You were getting incredible advice based on race experience."

Scott Donatelli
430 mile finisher in 2019

"I can honestly say that without doing this course I would not have finished the Montane YAU 300 distance. What Shelley and Jessie offer is a combined experience in excess of 1000 miles of being on the trails themselves. For me there is no substitute to learning from people who have actually been there and done it.
The knowledge gained from every aspect of management systems on the trail, gear and equipment, to sleeping systems, managing the body in cold temperatures, trail notes; the list simply goes on. It's a significant investment to take part in this event, both in time and money, but if there is one thing that will give you the greatest return on that investment, it's to take this course. Good luck."

Gareth Hardcastle
300 mile finisher in 2019, 2nd place

"The training safety course I completed in 2019 ahead of the 100 mile Yukon Arctic race was excellent.  Shelly, Jessie and Gillian have a wealth of direct experience of the race and events in the Yukon.  The structure of the 4 days meant the extensive content was delivered in a progressive and structured way building our knowledge and confidence as the days progressed. The mix of theory and practical was well balanced to ensure everything we learnt was practised and perfected.  The facilities at the Takhini Hot Springs are comfortable and form a perfect base for learning and training.  The catering plentiful, tasty and very enjoyable.

Their delivery was pleasant, supportive, encouraging and thorough. Being able to recce part of the route and them sharing their experiences of the whole route was invaluable and probably the best bit by giving me the confidence to know i could complete the race."

Andrea Fawell
100 mile finisher in 2019

"The course supplied me with the knowledge from two very experienced athletes, and proved to be very valuable on race day. 'Travel light, freeze at night' is not a real thing as I found out. Without attending the course, I would have 100% received frostbite on my fingers. It's a place to iron out creases and practice the necessary admin in the field to perfection."

Darren Hardy
Attempted 300 miles in 2020, and will be back for unfinished business!

"Shelley and Jessie’s YAU Pre Race Course was terrific, their advice on mental preparation and problem solving made the difference between finishing and not finishing. Highly recommend!"

Mark St. Pierre
100 mile finisher in 2020

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