Course Details and Schedule

January 29-31, 2022

What you can expect from our pre-race workshop:

  1. Learn from the hard won knowledge of MYAU race veterans!  We are all locals (Marianne is an adopted Yukoner!) and we have spent thousands of hours in the Yukon wilderness and on the MYAU trail.

  2. Receive detailed trail notes and briefings that have been prepared based on our personal experience on the MYAU trail.

  3. Receive help with your race strategy, whether you are trying to “go fast” or “just finish”.  The team have different race strengths and experience and will openly share what we have learnt.

  4. Access to a private Facebook group as soon as you sign up, to discuss various race topics and questions as they arise.  A few past workshop participants will be part of the group as well.

  5. Visit Muktuk Kennels for lunch and see the sled dogs!  Then travel the race trail from Muktuk Kennels to the Overland Trail in the daylight, so you can better plan your strategy for race day.

  6. Practice all the essential skills you will need for the race i.e. lighting stoves, making fire, setting up your bivy, resting in your bivy.  This will be done during the day and night

  7. Gear check and advice prior to the race, including a one on one hour session with one of the facilitators prior to arriving in Whitehorse.

Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable experience regardless of what happens on race day!  We are all passionate about the trail, the race and the entire MYAU family.

****Please Note: Participants will be responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodation in Whitehorse during the in-person camp, as well as meals other than those noted above.


Full Workshop (Online+2.5 days): $900 CDN

Online Component Only: $400 CDN

Day Trip Only: $200 CDN

October 2021-January 2022 Online
Jan 29-31, 2022 Workshop in Whitehorse
Jan 30, 2022 Day Trip in Whitehorse


Online Schedule

October-December 2021

The exact dates and time TBD. Sessions will be 2.5 hours.


October 1st, 2021

time TBD

  • Introduction of participants and facilitators.

  • Review items from registration forms and discussion:

    • What are you most interested in learning from this workshop?

    • What are your top three strengths/weaknesses?

    • Emotional and Psychological challenges in MYAU.

  • Homework assignment: Participants will be given a real life problem that has happened on the trail and asked to share how they would resolve the problem. Answers will be shared on the private FB page for discussion.

Mid-Oct 2021

time TBD

  • Stoves-brand, maintenance, fuel, troubleshooting, etc..

  • Water and food

  • 100 Mile trail description review

  • Questions

Early Nov 2021

time TBD

  • Packing Sled/Bike

  • Trail/checkpoint etiquette and what to expect

  • Bivying

  • 300 Mile trail description review (Braeburn to Carmacks section)

  • Questions

Late Nov 2021

time TBD

  • Cold weather injuries/1st aid, including review of BICO course

  • Spot use/What to expect during evacuation or emergency

  • 300 Mile trail description review (Carmacks to Pelly section)

Early Dec 2021

time TBD

  • Considerations when traveling to the Yukon-airlines, accommodation, etc..

  • Q&A with MYAU Race Director (and founder) Robert Pollhammer 

  • Open question period and final review

Full Course Schedule (Online and In Person Workshop)

Oct-Dec Online (details above)
January 29-31, 2022 in Whitehorse, Yukon

January 29, 2022


  • Meet at the High Country Inn

  • Introductions

  • Review agenda

  • Discuss goals/expectations

  • Discuss race strategies


  • Hand out rental gear

  • Collect paper work

  • Time to get gear sorted for afternoon outdoor session

  • Individual discussions/questions


  • Lunch


  • Outside session to light stoves, melt water and set up bivies

  • Gear check for anyone who has not rented gear

  • Once gear has been checked, pack full kit for trail session this evening


  • Reconvene for discussion re: overflow and selecting bivy sites

  • Full  kit check for each participant


  • Break


  • Pick up for trail outing (will be transported from town to an area with similar trails to MYAU)

  • Will travel on trail, then stop to setup bivy, light stove, make a wood fire


  • Return to hotel

January 30, 2022


  • Meet at the High Country Inn

  • Pick up at hotel for transport to Muktuk Kennels (require full kit)


  • Arrival at Muktuk with time to organize kit and visit dog yard


  • Lunch


  • Leave for Old Dawson Trail 


  • Arrival at Old Dawson Trail parking area

  • Set up bivy, make wood fire, light stove and make supper (Participants are responsible for their own meal, ideally something similar to what they expect to eat during the race)     



  • Pick up and return to High Country Inn

January 31, 2022


  • Meet at the High Country Inn

  • Debrief from trail outing

  • Final review of trail description, checkpoints, what to expect

  • Final review of what to do in an emergency and spot use

  • Final questions and discussion of race strategy